Why I Almost Voted

It’s that day again when the airways are cluttered with advertisements begging you not to vote for that guy/girl because the world might end if you do. Depending on the election cycle, more than half choose to ignore these pleas and sit at home or work and continue on their […]

TotD: Gun Control by Executive Order

In case you missed it, President Obama made a tearful speech regarding gun control today. As to be expected from a politician, he said much without actually saying anything at all. Beyond pulling at our heart strings, Obama made four points which he intends to implement in the form of […]

Homeless, Not Helpless

Somewhere between 2 and 7 million people in America are homeless or sharing accommodations with another family. The most commonly suggested solution for this issue is to increase government assistance. Some will suggest greater incentives to provide low-cost housing, some recommend education programs to open more employment opportunities, and others […]

3 Seconds Changed My Life: How I Almost Became A Murderer

I spent more than a decade in the Army. As is typical of those in the military, I joined partly for patriotic reasons. “To serve my country,” as the saying goes. However, my entire outlook changed dramatically in three short seconds. Throughout life we are presented with the idea that […]

47 Years of Civil Rights?

Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed 47 years ago today. While most of his accomplishments are attributed to civil rights, precisely a year before his death he made a speech against the Vietnam War. He astutely pointed out that “men do not easily assume the task of opposing their government’s […]

#TotD: Boston Marathon 2

— Special Update — Today was the Boston Marathon. In an eerie show of force, some 4,000 law enforcement officers and military personnel patrolled the area. According to Kurt Schwartz, Massachusetts’s Undersecretary for Homeland Security, they were there “watching the public, watching the crowds, trying to detect suspicious behavior.” All […]

#TotD: Texas EquuSearch

There is a very long and poignant history of man helping fellow man when in need. With nothing more than a heartfelt thanks, individuals around the globe are commonly willing to invest enormous amounts of time and resources to assist those who are affected by tragedy and misfortune. One such […]

#TotD: Tyranny of the Day

Tyranny of the Day is a feature where I attempt to point out a few of the more egregious examples of government gone astray. These posts tend to draw the most heated discussions so I heartily invite you to check back regularly for new updates in order to throw in […]