Crypto Consulting?

I have been involved in the cryptocurrency/decentralized computing world since 2013. Over the years it has gone from an amazing concept to something which is poised to dramatically change the way we conduct business around the globe (see my previous post). One thing which perturbs me to no end is the horrible advice being tossed about. If you would like to get involved in the crypto world, you absolutely must perform your due diligence.

Best guesses put market adoption for “cryptocurrency” technologies at around 2 percent. This means that virtually nobody has a stake in where this train is headed. Put differently, a mere 2 people in 100 have gotten involved in the cryptocurrency world. This is important because it means there is massive potential for profit. Think of it as the dot com explosion on steroids.

Are you upset you missed out on investing in Yahoo or Microsoft or Google when they were brand new? Well, now is your chance to get into the crypto world at the early days of its inception.

The problem is, crypographic technology is extremely complex. The good news is that the crypto world is really no different than the one you are used to. It simply changes the way business is conducted. This means that you can still find good companies and ideas in which you can invest without really understanding the cryptography portion.

However, we are still in the very early days of pre-market acceptance. Very few opportunities exist for the layman. All of the information you need to get started is available for free on the internet, but let’s be honest, it is written for geeks and time is money.

Luckily for you, we’re in the process of putting together a “turn key” solution to get you on your feet and running in the world of cryptocurrency investing!

Check back periodically or put your name on the waiting list to be notified when these services will become available.

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