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No true advocate of liberty will claim as their intention the advancement of one class of workers. Authentic liberty, as promoted by the true liberals in the classical sense, is blind. The American symbol of law is represented by the Roman goddess Justitia (Lady Justice) holding the scales of justice […]

Prison or Bust

Most of what I write is likely to be revolutionary and a bit extreme for some of you. If I can at least make you think “outside the box” then that is good enough for me. For too many years the American people have essentially been given two sides to […]

Income Tax? 1

Unfortunately I do not have the ability to do proper research at the moment so I will simply make a few statements and pose a question. The question is simply, at what age do we become liable for income taxes?I do not recall ever seeing a regulation on this. I […]

Education for the Masses

Education is one of those subjects for which everyone seems to have their minds made up and no amount of evidence to the contrary will suffice to change it. While it is true that I am not an “official” teacher as per state and federal guidelines, I have taken a […]


“Mowage. Mowage is wat bwings us togevah today.” – Princess Bride As I finalize plans for my anniversary coming up, my thoughts turn to arbitrary government powers. I mentioned previously how very little actual freedom we have in America and what an abomination it is that we need government permission […]

Huddled Masses

Yesterday we talked about the immigration issue from a rule of law point of view, today I would like to describe the economic functioning of the ideal scenario.  Before the American people can accept the idea of open borders and free immigration a couple of changes need to be manifested […]