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Unfortunately I do not have the ability to do proper research at the moment so I will simply make a few statements and pose a question. The question is simply, at what age do we become liable for income taxes?
I do not recall ever seeing a regulation on this. I started paying taxes when I was 12 simply because I began working at a restaurant and they issued me a W-2. If I had still been working for my father at that age I would not have paid any taxes.

But if the reason I would not have owed any taxes was due to the fact that I was “employed” by my parents, does this mean I can work for them when I am 30 and still not owe taxes?

We don’t make the teenager who mows lawns or picks dandelions pay taxes even when he provides this service to neighbors. Yet we make adults pay taxes for the same services.

Is there an age? Someone help me find it. If not…. We’re all being scammed by the IRS.

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One thought on “Income Tax?

  • Anonymous

    You should do your research before you blog, it could really help build a better foundation for your beliefs and give people a clearer picture of the message you are trying to convey.<br />Being &quot;employed&quot; by your parents states you were working &quot;under the table&quot; and thus your parents were able to evade government tax consequences as well for harboring employees. <br />I am