“Mowage. Mowage is wat bwings us togevah today.” – Princess Bride

As I finalize plans for my anniversary coming up, my thoughts turn to arbitrary government powers. I mentioned previously how very little actual freedom we have in America and what an abomination it is that we need government permission to go about our daily lives. One excellent example of such an outrageous encroachment by the government is a marriage license.

The involvement in marriage by government in any fashion whatsoever perplexes me. Why exactly is it within the purview of the state to determine who does or does not have the right to get married? There is no prohibition from procreation by two complete strangers so it has nothing to do with the betterment of offspring. There is no prohibition of cohabitation without a license so it has nothing to do with rent sharing. A person has the ability to name anyone he wishes as his heir and executor so the legal authority/rights issue is bunk. It always seems to come back around to taxes and benefits.

Regardless of the reasons, every single individual across the globe likely has a different motive for desiring to get married. The entire event is customized for each occasion, only sharing those items which have significance to the couple. In general, weddings are religious events which consummate the act of marriage itself. It’s funny that we don’t see anyone running to the courts screaming bloody murder about separation of church and state when marriage is involved.

Ultimately, marriage is a private contract between two individuals and ought to be recognized as such. It is the right of each and every one of us to whom we wish to choose as our mate and in which manner it is to be recognized. Some are happy with a contract between the two and leave it at that. Other couples wish to be received by friends and family. More commonly, the marriage is also entered in as a contract with whichever god or gods they recognize. The only common denominator of marriages today is that we must get prior approval by the state before we can be considered married. This is simply unacceptable.

Due to the recognition by the state of what ought to be a private and inconsequential matter, numerous other issues become matters of the state. One of the most prominent today is that of gay marriage. There is understandably a stubborn refusal by many religious organizations with regards to gay marriage. From a purely scientific point of view it really shouldn’t matter a whole lot to anyone since the lacking ability of procreation eventually would eliminate a large percentage of the gay population. However, any refusal to allow gay marriage is an affront on liberty and should be admonished. A person should be allowed to marry his cat for all I care. What business do we have in the private lives of others?

The moment we begin justifying our ability to dictate social morals and standards upon others we give up our right to do as we please and effectively become slaves ourselves.

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