Monthly Archives: September 2010

Airport Security? Yeah Right!

Freedom is the single most precious commodity a person is able to receive and probably one of the most difficult to retain. It both saddens and frightens me to see so many people who think our freedoms are such a trivial matter that they can be curtailed bit by bit […]

Admin Update

As I’m sure you can tell I’ve been having some difficulty with the formatting when uploading new posts via email. Due to my current work situation I have limited access to the internet so the daily posts are probably not very plausible. In addition, a number of readers have requested […]

Doom and Gloom

Depending on whether or not you are naturally a pessimistic person you may already know everything I’m about to tell you. If you are one of these people then you have my permission to stop reading and continue stocking your End of the World (EotW) bunker. For the rest of […]