Doom and Gloom

Depending on whether or not you are naturally a pessimistic person you may already know everything I’m about to tell you. If you are one of these people then you have my permission to stop reading and continue stocking your End of the World (EotW) bunker. For the rest of you, wake up!

I would like to apologize for formatting errors in the recent posts. My internet connectivity is limited to my phone for the time being so I am forced to email the new posts and I don’t have all the nuances down yet. Hopefully this will only be a short deficiency.

More and more “smart” people are coming to realize that the economy is on very shaky legs. The government, meanwhile, is doing pretty much everything possible to speed along the inevitable crash. Asset managers with portfolios in the millions or even billions of dollars are recommending for their investors to take immediate steps to protect their wealth before the coming collapse. So nobody will think I’m just being overly hard on the U.S. government, you can bet that half the civilized world will be involved in this economic doomsday.

Unlike the government’s official position, the problem is not a lack of liquidity or consumer spending. The problem is debt. Mountains and mountains of debt. The thing about debt is that it represents borrowed money. Borrowed money eventually needs to be repaid. Plus interest. And unlike a normal idiot who borrows so much that he can’t repay his debt so he must declare bankruptcy, an idiot country cannot declare bankruptcy.

As the various nations around the globe continue to go deeper and deeper in debt and continue creating more money, we will experience two phenomena. First, economic numbers will dwindle to record lows (with exception to unemployment which will creep into the teens). Second, the prices of hard commodities such as gold and silver will skyrocket as more and more people begin to realize that fiat money is worthless.

“What do we do,” you ask? Become as independent as possible. If you have debt, get rid of it at all cost. If you have investments, sell them and buy physical quantities of gold and silver. If you live in the city, consider moving out. If you live in the country, start a garden. A big one. And put up a massive fence. And regardless of where you live, buy a gun. If you’ve already got one, more can’t hurt!

If and when the economy collapses like a house of cards in a tornado there will be shortages in nearly every product and service. Ensure you have enough food and water to last you a few weeks at the very least. Be sure you possess a suitable method for deterring the looters and gangs which invariably turn up after disasters. And most importantly, start preparing now. Good luck!

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