Blog Update

Hey! Where did you go? I know, I know… I promised I would provide a blog every day for a bunch of months or something. New Year’s resolution and all that. First off, nobody ever keeps New Year’s resolutions. So, shame on you for believing me. Second, I had every […]

World’s Dumbest Designs

Does anyone else remember the headlight dimmer on the floor panel? Why in the world did they move it up to the steering column? So you’re driving along and begin to go around a bend, steering wheel in one hand, sandwich in the other. A car comes around the bend […]

Time Travel is Real!

It’s just been proven that travel back in time is possible! Hawaiian Airlines Flight HA446 departed Auckland, New Zealand in the wee hours of January 1, 2018 and landed in Hawaii on December 31, 2017! Isn’t technology amazing?

Which group is best?

Since we already discussed creativity, it might be pertinent to figure out who exactly the audience for this blog might be. It is often recommended that we focus our efforts on a single group. Someone even suggested that I pretend that I am writing to one specific individual so that […]

We Interrupt Your Program…

Due to unforeseen difficulties, we have been unable to provide you with continual updates as originally planned.  Things appear to be slowing back down to the normal pace of life and we hope to continue with the regularly scheduled entries soon.  Again, we apologize for the lack of continuity and […]

Admin Update

As I’m sure you can tell I’ve been having some difficulty with the formatting when uploading new posts via email. Due to my current work situation I have limited access to the internet so the daily posts are probably not very plausible. In addition, a number of readers have requested […]


For a number of reasons, I have finally decided to cave in to the pressure and begin this new blog. I hope it eventually gains in popularity if for no other reason than to spark debate and show a new perspective on the hot issues.I would like to begin with […]