World’s Dumbest Designs

Does anyone else remember the headlight dimmer on the floor panel? Why in the world did they move it up to the steering column?

So you’re driving along and begin to go around a bend, steering wheel in one hand, sandwich in the other. A car comes around the bend from the opposite direction and you need to dim your lights. What do you do?

Option A: You can try to grab the wheel with your sandwich hand, but you’ll smoosh your sandwich at the very least and more than likely lose half of the innards all over your lap. Not a good option.

Option B: You can let go of the wheel with your other hand and hope you can dim the lights and re-grab the wheel before careening off into the ditch or smashing headlong into the oncoming car.

Option C: You can shrug your shoulders and leave your brights on.

Now if you had a handy dandy foot switch instead of the miserable lever on the steering column you could simply push the button with your foot while continuing to munch away on your delicious sandwich.

Let’s figure out whose idea it was to move the dimmer switch and TP their house.

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