Welcome Back… Again!

Welcome to The New American Revolution! For a number of reasons, I have decided to cave in to the pressure and begin this blog anew. I hope it eventually gains in popularity if for no other reason than to spark debate and show a new perspective on the hot issues. […]

I am a Great American

I was recently at a social gathering where it was determined that I am a “great American.”  This was based almost entirely on the sole fact of my status as a combat veteran.  I almost countered these baseless claims on a few occasions, but it got me wondering about how […]

Are We Slaves?

A recent blog by Chris Sullivan has made me revisit this topic which I have discussed a number of times on the various debate forums which I frequent.  This time I felt the need to dive in a bit more in-depth in the form of this missive. The common adage […]

GPS Tracking for the Masses

The amazing thing about the free market is the seemingly infinite customization.  Take for instance automobiles.  The last vehicle I purchased, I ordered directly from the factory.  I listed every single detail and option that I desired and the factory built it specifically for me.  This used to be the […]

U.S. Banking Before the Civil War: Wildcat or Restricted?

In order to address the claims made by typical mainstream layman and economist alike, we must first briefly outline how the modern American monetary system came about. Prior to the establishment of the United States, this geographic area was settled by scattered groups of primarily English and Spaniards.  As will […]

RIP: Freedom of Speech 2

Movies used to be fun to watch because they were a break from reality.  It now seems as if some movies are turning out to be a glimpse into the future. For those of you who have never seen it, Minority Report was a movie about the head detective for […]

Hand-Held Rockets? 1

I stumbled across a story this morning which made me hesitate a little while before deciding to compose a quick response.  Yesterday morning, Zack Ford, blogger at ThinkProgress.org, penned a story entitled “Scalia Suggests ‘Hand-Held Rocket Launchers’ Are Protected Under Second Amendment”.  In the story, he references an earlier morning […]

A Tragedy of Severe Implications: The Aurora Shooting 2

Sadly, yet another lunatic was on the rampage in Colorado this past week.  Politically, this event can be discussed in a wide variety of ways.  The mainstream news will, of course, focus on the extreme emotions felt by those immediately involved.  Many people will once again clamor for the prohibition […]

ObamaCare versus Liberty

If ever a person required blinding proof for the completely ineffective and non-restrictive nature of the U.S. Constitution, now is the opportunity to see it.  The Supreme Court (SCOTUS) incredulously upheld the Liberty-effacing rubbish piece of legislation colloquially known as ObamaCare.  The twist, however, in this soap opera farce of […]