We Love Taxes

It seems as if Voltaire was correct in suggesting that “it is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.”  Just last week we saw the voters in North Dakota overwhelmingly vote down the opportunity to eliminate the onerous property tax.  At first glance it seems as if North […]

Police State: Brought to you by TSA

Although I have, on a few occasions, worn my Fourth Amendment t-shirt, I generally just try to blend in with the crowd and answer with a grunt if a response is required. Today as I went through airport security at a major U.S. hub, the initial “papers please” TSA agent […]

Commodity Money

The scientific method prescribes the use of open debate among both the believers and dissenters of any particular theory in order to fully test its soundness.  Even though economics is not one of the “hard” sciences the scientific method retains its use as a measure of soundness.  For economics, however, […]

DE-regulation Caused the Housing Bubble?

It would be convenient to point to specific events in history which caused the cards to tumble in 2008 but this would not be realistic.  The most honest way to determine the cause(s) of the crash(es) is to look at what actually happened.  In a nutshell, the effects of overpriced […]

Made in America 1

At an economics convention I attended some time ago, one of the attendees attempted to convince me that the primary reason for the decline in the aggregate U.S. economy was a reduction in domestic manufacturing.  “We don’t make anything anymore,” he told me.  This is a very common fallacy which […]

Free Trade Ain’t So Free 1

Free trade is an interesting phenomenon.  Considering it in the literal sense, one would think that free trade meant the unrestricted trade of goods without tariffs, taxes, quotas, or other arbitrary restrictions.  Unfortunately, the term “free” has been hijacked at some point in our history and now means “not quite […]

Five Cogent Sentences 1

I generally despise receiving forwarded emails. More often than not they include six pages of email addresses the message was previously sent to and then a very short message about how I need to forward this on to my friends or suffer pain and torture for the rest of eternity. […]

Land of the Free? 1

What is America? What does it stand for? The most common description given for the United States involves some form of the ideas of liberty and justice for all men. But what does this actually mean? Are these purely subjective or can they be objectively measured? And most importantly, are […]

Law and Order

Previously I discussed and refuted the most common defenses for government legitimacy.  However, some people have avoided the burden of proof completely by claiming that the question of government legitimacy itself is not even a valid issue.  This appeal ad populum is essentially based on a false dichotomy.  They claim […]