Welcome Back… Again!

Welcome to The New American Revolution! For a number of reasons, I have decided to cave in to the pressure and begin this blog anew. I hope it eventually gains in popularity if for no other reason than to spark debate and show a new perspective on the hot issues.

I would like to begin with a quick explanation of the name of this blog, The New American Revolution. I make no denials that this is a direct allusion to the American Revolution of the 18th century and plan to make direct comparisons between the evils alleged by the colonists and those we suffer today. However, one must remember than the colonists went to great pains in their attempts to solve these problems diplomatically and peacefully. It took many years of continual abuse before they finally declared the last straw being laid and took to arms. In this manner, I profess a non-violent solution to the issues of our day.

America is called “The land of the free.” If this is the case, who are the free? I issue a standing challenge to everyone living in this “land of the free” to present a single case of freedom. Throughout this blog, I will show that true liberty does not exist in America; that a citizen is unable to go a single day without government permission through licensing, permits, or decree.

Looking through the pages of history, it should thoroughly astound and disgust all Americans the level of interference and regulation we put up with compared to the “long train of abuses and usurpations” which led to American independence.

Let the New American Revolution begin!

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