Monthly Archives: August 2010

Immigration 2

Immigration is a hot subject these days.  With a seemingly never-ending stream of illegals flowing over our southern border, debatable new legislation, a promised border fence sitting unconstructed, and the possibility of scary terrorists infiltrating America, the issue of immigration is sure to upset most everyone.  Since I aim to […]


Everyone knows the general definition of bankruptcy.  When you get to the point where your bills far exceed your income and you are unable to make your debt payments, you must declare bankruptcy.  It is literally the inability to pay creditors.The 2010 federal budget includes about $3.6 trillion in payments […]

Good News!

For those of you who were up late last night stealing cookies from the pantry, you may have noticed my late entry regarding the pesky Fed.  I won’t ask why you were up so late if you don’t ask why I’m not discussing the bankruptcy of America like I promised […]

Castro is Right?

The loveable Fidel Castro was in the news again this past weekend.  He was essentially warning the world that we could be on the verge of World War III and pleaded to President Obama not to continue posturing against Iran.  It’s hard to believe that I am actually somewhat in […]

One Party System 1

There was an interesting experiment involving potential voters just prior to the 2008 election.  A radio talk show host was questioning random people about the proposed policies of the various presidential candidates.  The twist was that he would attribute the opposition view to the voter’s preferred candidate and then ask […]


For a number of reasons, I have finally decided to cave in to the pressure and begin this new blog. I hope it eventually gains in popularity if for no other reason than to spark debate and show a new perspective on the hot issues.I would like to begin with […]