Airport Security? Yeah Right!

Freedom is the single most precious commodity a person is able to receive and probably one of the most difficult to retain. It both saddens and frightens me to see so many people who think our freedoms are such a trivial matter that they can be curtailed bit by bit […]


No true advocate of liberty will claim as their intention the advancement of one class of workers. Authentic liberty, as promoted by the true liberals in the classical sense, is blind. The American symbol of law is represented by the Roman goddess Justitia (Lady Justice) holding the scales of justice […]

Huddled Masses

Yesterday we talked about the immigration issue from a rule of law point of view, today I would like to describe the economic functioning of the ideal scenario.  Before the American people can accept the idea of open borders and free immigration a couple of changes need to be manifested […]

Immigration 2

Immigration is a hot subject these days.  With a seemingly never-ending stream of illegals flowing over our southern border, debatable new legislation, a promised border fence sitting unconstructed, and the possibility of scary terrorists infiltrating America, the issue of immigration is sure to upset most everyone.  Since I aim to […]